Kids all over the world play jacks!  Some versions are played with stones, other versions are played with bones.  Still others with plastic pieces, metal die, or little bags of rice.  Fun Jacks can be played in the same way as GonggiFive Stones, Kugelach or Knucklebones -- except our jacks are prettier than pig knuckles and a lot less painful than rocks.  A big improvement in our opinion!


We're super excited to be featured in Low Tech Games VLOG #001. Check out her video to see Fun Jacks in action!

Assemble your jacks:

Link nine or ten rings to a center ring for each jack.  Fewer rings make it easier for small hands to grab.  You'll need five jacks to play.  Make five solid colored jacks, or mix up the colors for your own personal color combinations.

Rules for Basic Play:

  1. Drop five jacks on a flat surface. Choose a jack to toss.
  2. Start with "onesies": With just one hand, toss your jack, grab a jack off the surface, then catch the tossed jack before it lands.
  3. Set aside the jack that was picked up and repeat step 2 three more times until all remaining jacks have been picked up.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with "twosies" (pick up two jacks per toss)
    "threesies" (pick up three jacks with one toss, then the remaining jack)
    "foursies" (pick up four jacks on a single toss!)
  5. If you drop a jack, or miss a grab, start over or give your friend a turn!

Variation #1:

In step 1., instead of dropping the jacks, throw all five jacks up in the air, and try to catch as many as you can on the back of your hand.  If you don't catch any, your turn if over!  If you catch one, that jack becomes your tossing jack.  If you catch more than one, choose your tossing jack from the jacks you caught.  The rest of the jacks you caught can then be set aside for steps 2-4.

Variation #2:

For advanced players, instead of setting aside the jacks in step 3., leave them in your hand, making it more difficult to toss, grab, and catch the remaining jacks.

There are endless ways to play jacks.  Google a different set of rules, or make up your own!  There are no wrong ways to play!  (Unless you cheat.  Don't cheat!)