Fun Jacks™ Christmas Tree

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Have a Fun Jacks Christmas!

 Not only are Fun Jacks perfect stocking stuffers, but they also make great ornaments!  Learn how to make your very own Fun Jacks Christmas tree.


Credit:  Inspiration for this craft comes from chainmaille @ DeviantArt.  


Christmas Tree materials

To make a Fun Jacks Christmas tree, you'll need a total of forty-six Fun Jack rings.  If you want a traditional all green tree, you'll need thirty-nine green rings and seven rings of a different color for the base and top.

For these instructions, I'll be using green rings for the "body" of the tree, yellow rings for my vertical links, and red rings as the horizontal links.  This is to make the different links easier to see as they're being attached, but feel free to use whatever colors you like.  A pack of multi-colored Really Rainbow! rings will make a very cool rainbow tree (scroll down to see!), so go ahead and embrace your inner Dr. Seuss for some rainbow colored trees!


This is a diagram of how the rings will be linked together.  The blue lines represent how the rings will be joined together.  We'll be building the tree with just single green rings, and then adding additional green rings to bulk up the tree after we're done.  I tend to find this method less prone to error, but you could also pair up the green rings right from the start and build your tree that way.

Christmas tree step 1

Starting from the top of the diagram, link three yellow rings to a central green ring, then link your "top" ring to one of the yellows.  Make sure your top ring is a completely different color.  This will help you keep track of the top of your tree once you start adding a lot of rings and things get confusing.

Link a green ring to each of the yellow rings, then link the two yellow rings together with a red ring.

Christmas Tree step 3

Now attach two yellow rings to each green ring.  Be sure to link the yellow rings below the red ring.

Christmas tree step 4

Add another row of green rings.  The outside yellow rings each get their own green ring, but the two center rings share a single green ring.

Christmas tree step 5

Link adjacent green rings together with red rings.

Add two yellow rings to each green ring.  Again, be sure the yellow rings are added below the red rings.

Final row of four green rings! Single green rings on the outside yellow rings.  Middle yellow rings share a green ring. 

Christmas Tree step 8

Link adjacent green rings together with red rings. At this point, you have a perfectly respectable little tree, although you may notice it's a little floppy.  If you're fine with the flop, skip the next step to attach the base of the tree.

This is probably the trickiest part of the tree.  Now we're going to go back and add a second green ring to every green ring in the tree, and then link the two green rings.  See how the two green rings are crossed in the picture?  That's because the rings have been linked.  The linking isn't strictly necessary, but helps your tree look extra fancy!

After you're done doubling up on all the green rings, add a pair of blue rings to the two center pairs of green rings on the bottom row.

Now link the blue rings together with another pair of blue rings.  

Add some beads if you have some lying around (Literally! I'm always sucking up a few of these when I vacuum.)

Ta da! You're done!

A trio of Christmas trees!  Make a different color for every one in your family!

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