Fun Jacks™ Juggling Balls

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Handfuls of Fun!

Fun Jacks are great for hopscotch, game pieces, and of course, jacks!  But sometimes you just need something a little bigger to toss around.  Fun Jack juggling balls are perfect handfuls of portable fun.  Toss a few in your backpack, or hang them off your bag straps so they'll be easy to find.

Use your favorite colors and make some for yourself!



To make a Fun Jacks ball, you'll need 30 or 32 Fun Jack rings.  Thirty rings will give you a ball that feels a bit looser, while thirty two rings will give you a ball that holds its structure a bit better.  I prefer the thirty two ring version, but in case you don't have thousands and thousands of Fun Jack rings sitting in your garage (ha ha), both versions are equally fun, and testers (my husband and kids) said they couldn't really tell the difference.

For alternating colors, you'll need 12 of one color, and 18 or 20 of the other.  This tutorial will use 12 yellows, 16 reds, and 4 blues, just so the rings are a little easier to distinguish. (I forgot to photograph the blue rings, so just pretend those blue circles are rings, okay? Thanks!)



To start, link eight rings around either one or two central rings.  The second central ring is optional, so if you're using 30 rings, this is where you would leave the extra ring out.

Link another eight rings around either one or two central rings.  These two sets of rings will form the front and back of your ball, so alternate the colors if you like, or use some other pattern.


Pick one set of rings to work with first. We'll call this set "the front" even though the front and back will look identical by the time you're done. Add four more rings to your front piece by linking together each pair of rings with a third ring.  In this tutorial, I've added the blue rings to link together each pair of red and yellow rings.  In most cases, I would probably use red to blend in more.


Here's where things start getting tricky. You'll be adding a total of eight rings to your ball in this step, two in between each pair of blue rings.  These rings will form the "sides" of your ball, so I've alternated my red and yellow rings to keep my color pattern going. The first three should be pretty straightforward, but by the time you link the last pair of blue rings together, you'll notice that the rings have started to curl into a ball shape, and it might be more difficult to link the rings together.


It's time to complete your ball!  Flip your front piece so that the blue rings are facing up.  You're going to be attaching a pair of red and yellow rings from your back piece to each blue ring on your front piece.  By the time you should be ready to attach your last set of rings, the fit will be very tight.  But don't worry!  They will fit!


Now sit back and admire your brand new ball.  Toss it around.  Show it off to your kids. Fun, right?

Make two more to complete your set! (Or so your kids stop fighting over them! :-p)